Sunday, January 29, 2012

Words I learned in Portuguese and Makua

This post is to remind me of some of the words I learned while in Africa.


Ola - Hello
como estas- How are you?
toto bang -  all is good
esta bang - I'm good 
como say shama? -  what is your name?
creansa - child
creansas - children
erma - sister
ermo - brother
filo - your own child e.g. I have a filo. A child would be creansa
Quantos anyos?  - how old are you?
ayo - me
ella - she
see - yes
nao ( now) - no
abrigada - thank you
por favor- please
discupa - sorry, excuse me
ata logo - see you later
chow- good bye
shayga - enough
sentar- sit
onda - where
onda esta - where is...
quanta custa- how much?
bon dia - good morning
bon tartde - good afternoon
bon noyte - good night
falas inglesh - do you speak english? falas - speak
nao intendo - I don't understand
zejuse te amor - Jesus loves you
espirito santo - Holy spirit
fogo - fire
casa - house
felish - happy
dansar - dance
frango - chicken
asado - shack
motar - motorcycle
aca bow - finished
zipe la boca - quiet ( shut your mouth )
silencio - silence
bay bay - baby
pow - bread
aqua - water
she she - pee
quarasown - heart
escoola - school
ecresha - church
iscriver - write
vosa - you
vosa tang ermous? do you have brothers or sisters?
bonita - beautiful
faya - ugly
miesh - more
arosh - rice
manga - mango
pez - fish
matopa - matopa
gato - cat
transar - braid
vamoush - lets go
sperata - wait
shin nel - flip flops
photo - photo
amgos - friends
pria - beach
mesa - table
comer- each
faka - knife
cozinya - kitchen
morta - dead
dee a - day
noyta - night
nada - nothing
cansada - tired
estrala - star
sol - sun
a mon ya - tomorrow
flora - flower
rapido - fast
porque? - why?/ because
film - movie
kalor - hot
tia - aunt
dormeer - sleep
a key - here
din nero - money
agora - now
latrina/banyo - bathroom
carta - cards
baptismo -baptism
poco - little
entenda - understand
falo um poco... - I speak a little ...
Nao intendo/ nao falla - I don't understand/ I don't speak
frio - cold

Saloma - Hello
mahavo? - how are you?
kehavo - I'm good
agena noka poni? what is your name?
agena noka .... - my name is .....
mayna - no
sooka - get lost
uke lay lay lay - please
kushikuru - thank you
urayrah - beautiful
urayrah sona - very beautiful
yasoo - Jesus
shoni - what
muluku - God
way - you
acunya - whitie
consa - sea shell
un poca maylo - I'll see you tomorrow

African Sky


Favorite photos

More Random Memories

Random memories

This post will just be photos that didn't really fit into the blog or have much of a story behind them but are memories for me.  I may add more as I find them.

These are two little kittens someone found. I am helping bottle feed them.

These are the children of the Harvest School students. You can come even if you are married and have children.

                               Mango tree.

This is the prayer hut or gazebo.

This is inside the prayer gazebo.

This tree on the base has animals carved into it.

The kids school house, for Iris kids and village kids.

                              Practicing for a skit.
Taking the vow not to form relationships with each other while on outreach....haha